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30 Inspiring Years of Kay’s Fine Jewelry

Kay's Fine Jewelry began with a dream to provide for a growing family while growing a family business. Dan and Raj Chugani came to the Caribbean three decades ago, using these goals as their guiding force. Together, they started a business: Kay’s Fine Jewelry. The rest is history. The Chugani brothers opened their first store in 1989 on the island of St. Maarten. Since then, Kay’s Fine Jewelry has become one of the leading Caribbean jewelers. Today, we are known for crafting and selling exquisite pieces across the Caribbean. Kay's Fine Jewelry has stores in St. Kitts, St. Thomas, Nassau, and Aruba, and our reputation precedes us around the globe. High-quality gems and masterful craftsmanship are two of our core pillars. That said, one of the key things that places us a cut above the competition is the Kay’s Fine Jewelry experience. When you shop at Kay’s Fine Jewelry, you become part of our family. Our personalized customer service stems from the Chugani brothers' strong family values. They know their customer's names, birthdays and even preferences. It is dedication on a higher level, and it has earned us the loyalty of customers from around the world.

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