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Aruba's beautiful beaches and dramatic landscapes attract visitors from around the world. The Happy Island dazzles with its secluded shores, windswept deserts and colorful waterfronts. Cuisine here is world class and renown far across the globe. And its locals embody the ideal of authentic Caribbean hospitality.

But there's another reason Aruba is famous among visitors: it is a great place to spot flamingos! The island even boasts a place called Flamingo Beach, so named for the droves of rosy birds that call it home. The flamingos here add a bright splash of pink to Aruba's cerulean-and-gold beaches. They're difficult to miss and make up the quintessential image of the island.

When most people think of the island of Aruba, the flamingo immediately comes to mind. The bird has become so enmeshed in the isle's identity that it is now considered one of Aruba's icons. But the flamingo does not only represent 'The Happy Island of Aruba.' It is also a symbol of fun and relaxation, positivity and optimism — all values that Aruba is proud to embrace.

So many of our clients consider Aruba a home away from home. That said, the flamingo is a perfect motif to remind them of the island's gorgeous shores. In celebration of Aruba's spirit, Kay's Fine Jewelry offers the Flaming Lingo bracelet. The piece features three rose-colored Murano glass beads. It also includes outer beads that contain real Aruban sand. A beautiful silver flamingo charm dangles from it as a reminder of The Happy Island.

Crafted with an adjustable sterling silver chain, this stunning piece is a must for any fans of Aruba. Each Murano glass bead dazzles in shades of pink, cream and blush. And the island sand encased in the outer beads is the best way to keep this captivating island close to your heart.

Shop Kay's Fine Jewelry now for the Flamingo Lingo bracelet and take advantage of a special price of $99. Want more information on the Flamingo Lingo bracelet, or want to buy one for yourself? Visit the Kay's Fine Jewelry website.

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