This Alex & Ani Jewelry Will Make You Feel Hot, Hot, Hot

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What is it about summer vacations in the Caribbean that make for such special and unforgettable memories? Is it the turquoise blue water and the blonde beaches? The endless blue skies and dazzling sunshine? The lazy days and sizzling nightlife? If you ask us, it is a combination of all these things, and it varies from person to person. For some, the ideal summer getaway includes exploring new shores and discovering new slices of paradise. For others, the perfect summer moment is as simple as sipping piña coladas poolside while working to bronze away tan lines.

No matter what your idea of a perfect summer escape, ALEX AND ANI have found a way to turn sun-drenched warm-weather vibes into something you can wear. Offered by Kay's Fine Jewelers, the ALEX AND ANI Bangles for Summer collection is to die for. These sets come with two bangles designed to serve as a reminder of your Caribbean vacation. Each set features a unique, sassy saying that is certain to bring a smile to your lips. It is also a great way to keep the Caribbean close to your heart long after your tan has faded away. Wrought in gold with cool blue beads, the "Beach Please" set by ALEX AND ANI features a beautiful charm with a bikini and a tropical drink. The "Ocean Made Me Salty" set by ALEX AND ANI is a stunning rose coral color with orange beads. It features a charm with an adorable crab set against rolling blue waves. No matter which set you choose, each offers a perfect way to wear the summer on your wrist. Priced at $58 a set, these beautiful stackable bangles are a steal — and a must accessory this season. Without a doubt, these bracelets from the beloved ALEX AND ANI jewelry brand will bring you right back to the tropics no matter where you are in the world.

So, which set will you choose? "Beach Please," or "The Ocean Made Me Salty?" There is no right or wrong way to show off your summertime vibes, so choose the set that speaks to you. Visit Kay's Fine Jewelry now to shop the ALEX AND ANI jewelry collection.



Kays Fine Jewelry
Kays Fine Jewelry

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