Kay’s Fine Jewelry – A Family Legacy

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At Kay’s Fine Jewelry, our business was born, built and continues to thrive because of one simple but unwavering philosophy. Customers are extended family.

Perhaps, we approach things so personally because of our own family’s unique journey. It is one that took us from India all the way to the heart of the Caribbean, and ultimately, into the hearts of customers we have met from around the world.

Our company was founded in St. Maarten on the dreams of Dan and Raj Chugani, and from day one Kay's Fine Jewelry was destined to be different. The brothers were relentless in their pursuit to create a jeweler unlike any other in the Caribbean islands, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. They put in endless hours perfecting their expertise of fine jewelry, its design, and its manufacturing. They became experts in every facet of diamond and gemstone sourcing, developing keen eyes for what stones possessed the greatest value, and emerging as two of the world’s foremost authorities on colored diamonds, a passion that still distinguishes Kay’s Fine Jewelry to this day.



KFJ Founders Dan and Raj Chugani

Just as importantly, it was in our earliest days that the brothers began shaping the family-oriented service philosophy that remains the core of Kay’s Fine Jewelry. We pledge to provide every customer with a level personal care and service no other jeweler can match – and not just during the sale. We also promise to stand by you long after the sale is completed. Whether it’s helping you find matching diamond designs down the road, or helping you prepare to pop the question or celebrate one of life’s many milestones. Our family is here for your family. That is our promise and it’s one we live up to year after year.

Kay's Fine Jewelry was built on our family helping yours.

We understand that you come to us seeking more than a diamond ring, a fine watch, or a one-of-a-kind piece of custom design jewelry. You come to celebrate moments, commemorate milestones, remember loved ones, and build your own family legacy to pass down for generations to come.

At Kay's Fine Jewelry, we take this to heart. We feel privileged to share in your special moments and with it comes a deep responsibility to do everything in our power to make them perfect

Thank you for visiting our website. We invite you to shop our family curated selection of diamond jewelry, fine watches, precious gemstones, engagement rings, wedding and anniversary rings, and investment jewels. We also welcome to you take advantage of our custom design jewelry specialists – artisans eager to handcraft a piece to your exacting specifications.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us online. However, we’d sure like to meet you in person. The next time you’re in the Caribbean, we hope you will visit one of our stores in Aruba, Nassau, St. Kitts. St Maarten and St. Thomas.

We look forward to meeting your jewelry needs for years to come.