Discovering St. Thomas: Your Guide to Best Places, Stay, and Explore!

Sofia Handal By Sofia Handal

Take an amazing trip to St. Thomas, a Caribbean gem that offers a mix of history, natural beauty, modern attractiveness, and wonderful shopping opportunities. In this travel guide, we'll walk you through must-see sights, ideal accommodations, culinary adventures, aquatic activities, and the ultimate shopping destination, Kay's Fine Jewelry. Dive into the magical world of St. Thomas and uncover the hidden jewels that make it a destination unlike any other.

1. St. Thomas - Where Elegance Meets Tropical Paradise

1.1 Charlotte Amalie - A Historical Gem

Discover the capital city, Charlotte Amalie, where history comes to life against a background of blue seas. Wander through cobblestone alleyways adorned with bright colonial structures that reflect the island's rich history. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the 99 Steps, a historic stairway with panoramic views of the harbor and beyond.

Pro Tip: Visit the 99 Steps early in the morning to avoid crowds and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere while admiring the breathtaking views.

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1.2 Mongoose Junction - Shopping Extravaganza

Mongoose Junction offers a unique shopping experience. This lovely retail and eating complex in Cruz Bay mixes Caribbean-inspired architecture with a wide variety of stores, galleries, and restaurants. It's the perfect place to find souvenirs that capture the essence of St. Thomas.

2. Kay's Fine Jewelry – A Must Stop Shop!

Kay's Fine Jewelry is a top-rated shopping destination in St. Thomas for an unforgettable shopping experience. With a total of 8 stores strategically located across six different islands—Aruba, Bahamas, Grand Cayman, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, and St. Kitts—Kay's Fine Jewelry has established itself as a premier luxury brand in the Caribbean. Known for its carefully crafted collections and devotion to "Luxury with a Family Touch," each piece from Kay's Fine Jewelry serves as a narrative of love, memories, beauty, and Caribbean elegance.

2.1 Downtown St. Thomas - Elevating Your Caribbean Experience

Kay's Fine Jewelry, the ultimate of beauty and refinement, is located in downtown St. Thomas. As the leading jewelry destination, Kay's Fine Jewelry Downtown offers a carefully curated selection of iconic products that capture the essence of the islands. Each piece tells a story of expertise and beauty, from breathtaking Caribbean blue diamonds and rare natural color-changing alexandrites to carefully crafted gold jewelry.

After a day of outdoor activities, visit Kay's Fine Jewelry Downtown. Whether it's a necklace or a large statement piece inspired by the brilliant colors of the Caribbean, select a piece that captures the soul of your island trips. Kay's Fine Jewelry ensures that your memories of St. Thomas' paradise are captured in stunning craftsmanship.

2.3 Booking Your Kay's Fine Jewelry Experience

Make your trip to St. Thomas even more enjoyable by making an appointment with Kay's Fine Jewelry ahead of time. Immerse yourself in the carefully curated collections and choose the perfect gift to cherish your Caribbean adventure.

To arrange an appointment, schedule with the link below: 

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3. St. Thomas - A Haven for Luxury Accommodations

3.1 Luxury Resorts:

Experience St. Thomas in unparalleled luxury by staying at legendary resorts such as The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas, or the Frenchman's Reef Westin Resort. These sophisticated havens provide stunning vistas, great service, and luxurious facilities.

3.2 Boutique Stays:

Boutique hotels such as Secret Harbour Beach Resort and The Green Iguana Hotel are ideal for an intimate getaway. These unique getaways offer individual service and ambiance that complement the island's sophisticated hospitality.

4. St. John - The Tranquil Neighbor

Take a short boat journey to St. John, a nearby island noted for its tranquil beaches and pristine natural beauty.

4.1 Trunk Bay - A Slice of Paradise

Visit Trunk Bay, known for its crystal-clear seas and powdery white sand. Snorkel along the underwater trail to experience the rich marine life. The panoramic views from the overlook make it a picture-perfect location.

*Pro Tip:* Arrive at Trunk Bay early in the morning to enjoy the calm waters and have the beach almost to yourself.

4.2 Cruz Bay - Quaint and Charming

Explore Cruz Bay, St. John's main town, which is recognized for its colorful buildings, relaxed atmosphere, and many stores and restaurants. It's the ideal location to unwind and take in the island's laid-back feel.

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5. Culinary Delights - St. Thomas Restaurants

Enjoy a gastronomic trip with the St. Thomas restaurants, which provides a varied selection of dining experiences:

5.1 RAW (Sushi)

RAW serves the best sushi, combining culinary expertise with the tropical tastes of St. Thomas.

5.2 Pesce (Italian)

Pesce is an exceptional dining place that combines Italian food with Caribbean flair.

5.3 Agave (Mexican)

Immerse yourself in the bright tastes of Mexico at Agave, where traditional Mexican food is elevated to an art form in an elegant setting.

5.4 Ocean Front Dining:

- Caribbean Fish Market: Located on the waterfront, Caribbean Fish Market serves a broad fish buffet. Enjoy freshly caught fish served with Caribbean flare while admiring the ocean views from your table.

- Sea Salt: This beachfront restaurant serves unique cuisine that highlights local flavors. Sea Salt's ever-changing menu guarantees that each visit offers a unique and fascinating culinary experience.

- Sunset Grille: As the name implies, Sunset Grille offers amazing scenery for dining. As the sun sets, enjoy a blend of Caribbean and continental food.

5.5 Casual:

- Sangria's: A casual yet sophisticated dining spot, Sangria's offers a diverse menu with Caribbean-inspired dishes. The laid-back atmosphere and culinary excellence make it a perfect choice for a relaxed evening.

- Sunset Patio: At Sunset Patio, you may enjoy informal eating while admiring the vista. This open-air restaurant mixes comfort cuisine with gorgeous scenarios to provide a great dining experience.

6. Cruz Bay Watersports

Explore the stunning waters surrounding St. Thomas with Cruz Bay Watersports:

6.1 Snorkeling and Catamaran Tours

Join snorkeling excursions and catamaran trips to explore the abundant marine life and crystal-clear waterways in elegance and luxury.

snorkeling st thomas

6.2 Tours to the BVI's

Cruz Bay Watersports offers guided trips to showcase the beauty of the British Virgin Islands.

6.3 Sunset Cruises and Booze Cruises

Enjoy the wonder of Caribbean sunsets on romantic sunset cruises and lively booze cruises.

*Pro Tip:* Book a sunset cruise with live music for a memorable and romantic evening on the water.

7. Beaches to Visit - St. Thomas and St. John

7.1 St. Thomas:

- Megans Bay: With its curved shoreline and tranquil waves, Megans Bay is a popular beach location. Rent a beach chair, soak up the sun, and admire the breathtaking views.

- Brewers Bay: Immerse yourself in the quiet beauty of Brewers Bay, which is known for its beautiful white sand and great snorkeling options along the coral reef.

- Coki Beach: Enjoy the lively ambiance of Coki Beach, which is known for its rich marine life and pristine seas. Coki Beach is a popular snorkeling site. The beach is busy, with local merchants selling food and souvenirs.

- Secret Harbor: Located on the East End, Secret Harbor combines soft sands with ideal snorkeling conditions. The tranquil seas make it ideal for families and people seeking for a relaxing beach day.

- Lindquist Beach: Lindquist Beach, a hidden treasure on the island, with pure white sand and clear turquoise seas. It's the perfect place to find peace and quiet away from the masses.

Lindquist Beach

7.2 St. John:

- Trunk Bay: Immerse yourself in the beauty of Trunk Bay, which is famous for its breathtaking underwater trail and pure white beach. Enhance your vacation with a private yacht hire, which allows you to explore nearby cays and quiet beaches.

- Cinnamon Bay:  The longest beach on St. John, Cinnamon Bay, is surrounded by lush flora. Visitors may enjoy water sports, hiking routes, and camping amenities.

- Maho Bay: Enjoy the shallow seas and peaceful conditions at Maho Bay, which is ideal for families and people looking for a relaxing beach experience. Enhance your experience with a private seaside massage.

- Cruz Bay: The major town of St. John, Cruz Bay, has a modest yet beautiful beach. It's an ideal location for people wishing to combine beach time with shopping and eating excursions.

8. Boat Charters and Taxi Referrals

8.1 Boat Charters:

Sonic Charters and Midnight Sun Boat Charters offer boat charters that allow you to explore the Virgin Islands' natural beauty.

8.2 Taxi Referrals:

For trustworthy taxi services, call Floyd Brathwaite at 340-227-3645.

*Pro Tip:* Save Floyd Brathwaite's phone number for easy and dependable transportation during your stay.

9. Best Time to Visit St. Thomas

For the best weather, visit St. Thomas during the peak season, which lasts from December to April. During this season, the island is bathed in sunshine and warm temperatures, making it a perfect location for outdoor adventures.


St. Thomas, with its rich history, magnificent beaches, wonderful eating options, thrilling water activities, and the exquisite shopping experience at Kay's Fine Jewelry, invites visitors to discover its riches. St. Thomas offers an incredible Caribbean escape, whether you're wandering through the ancient streets of Charlotte Amalie, relaxing at top-tier resorts, or exploring the natural beauties of nearby islands. Embrace the charm of this tropical paradise, indulge in exquisite foods, participate in exhilarating aquatic experiences, and make memories that last a thomas sunset


Sofia Handal
Sofia Handal

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