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Allow me to introduce myself, Tesh Chugani, G.I.A Certified Graduate and class of 2003 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. For those of you who do not know who I am; I am one of the Owner’s sons and reside and manage our Aruba Family Store. I have also taken a strong preference to our Jewelry collections and lead our creativity by design team.

I wanted to create a focused collection that was crafted with the highest quality gold and diamonds and for each item to have a special meaning and reason. It is with great excitement that I launch the first item in what I termed the "Owner's Collection". Most of you treat us like family and vice versa and we are part of a large community of mutual trust and respect. I hope these unique pieces continue to inspire and share the good energy we have in store and when you visit our Caribbean Islands.

The first collection is this Hand-set Turtle Diamond Pendant set in rose gold – This                Unique Item features 3 diamond colors: Natural Fancy Brown, Blue, and White!

I will also offer this same pendant in blue and white diamonds, fancy brown and white diamonds, all white diamonds, and any color combination that is desired.

I personal THANK YOU for sharing so many of your cherished memories and moments with us. I hope my creativity and passion for fine jewelry helps you feel that you are always in your Island paradise.

Stay connected with us for added designs and sneak peaks on new launches in Tesh Chugani’s ‘Owner’s Collection.


Brown and Blue Diamond Ladies Pendant


White Diamond Ladies Pendant

Brown Diamond Ladies Pendant


Blue Diamond Ladies Pendant








Tesh Chugani
Tesh Chugani

Tesh enjoys forging long-lasting friendships with the clients that visit the KFJ Aruba store. He also designs Kay’s Fine Jewelry’s most popular collections and oversees marketing efforts for all Kay’s Fine Jewelry Family stores in the Caribbean.